Straw Poll
Who is the most wanted god 2(Pre-patch day edition) (Pick one) (Pick one or more) embed
Hou Yi, (Chinese), sun archer and husband of Chang'e
Set, (Egyptian/God of Caos , Father of anubis)
Camazotz, (Mayan) Bat of Death/God of /sacrifice/Night
Hera, (Greek/Roman as Juno - Goddess of Marriage)
Medusa(Greek/We got Arachne why not her?)
Heimdall, (Norse) , Guardian of Bifrost
Janus, (Roman) God of doorways
Jormungand , (Norse) , Son of loki
Osiris, (Egyptian) , God of the dead
Thoth, (Egyptian) God of Magic and Writing
Frigg/Frigga (Norse) wife of odin, Goddess of Marriage
Erlang Shen, (Chinese) "Greatest Warrior of Heaven"
A new god for Hindu pantheon!!!
Cum Hau(Maya) God of the underworld/dead
Horus (Egyptian) God of the Sky/Kings etc..
A god from a new Phanteon!!