Straw Poll
From which region of the world are you, Mindcrack fans? (Pick one)
The United States
Middle America (Mexico, Panama,...)
Spanish speaking South America
British Isles
West Europe (France, Germany, The Netherlands,...)
Southern Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece,...)
East Europe (Poland, Bulgary, Serbia,....)
Baltic (Estlannd, Letland,...)
Russia, Oekrain, Belarus, and Moldavia
Middle East (Turkey, Iran, Jemen,...)
North Africa (Egypt, Tunesia,...)
Middle and South Africa
Old Soviet Asia (Oezbekistan, Armenia, Turkmenistan,...)
India and neighboring countries (Nepal, Bangladesh,...)
China, Mongolia, South Korea,...
South Asia (Singapore, Vietnam,...)
Indonesia and neighboring isle states
Australia and New Zeeland
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